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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Advent Activities

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We are in full holiday swing as we begin the advent season. For years, I’ve wanted to do a special daily calendar. Yet with a large family, little prizes and chocolates can become excessive and expensive (5 spinning tops that get played with all of 20 minutes to be left for my feet to find in the dawn’s early light). So this year I was able to stir the creative pot enough to come up with special moments and some family events that we like to fit into the season. This year will be more deliberate and given as tokens of the day rather than random fillings of the calendar.


Each night we light the advent candles and have a scripture reading. Then they open the advent envelope. Activities range from things like eating peppermint ice cream for dessert and making gumdrop wreaths, to stargazing with the telescope and taking a sleigh ride (each on separate nights of course and always depending on our schedule).


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