peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Feeling the Squeeze

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Take your hand and squeeze it firmly in your other hand. It doesn’t hurt, does it? It’s not uncomfortable, per se. It may even feel a bit soothing if you’re a little tense. But really, it’s still pressure. It’s waiting for a release, an easing up.

I’m feeling that way myself this week…pressured. It’s not uncomfortable or painful to have many responsibilities, but I’m looking forward to some time soon when I can release my grip and rest. The season is filled to the brim for everyone. As a mom, maybe moreso because you feel responsible to make it nice for those you care about. And all the while daily life, homework, laundry and dinner beckon. But I’m looking forward to taking a few days somewhere in the season to do nothing except what I want to do. Bake and knit and watch my favorite Christmas movies with a cup of tea and a candy cane. I do enjoy the hustle and bustle, but I hope to savor some quiet days just the same.the-squeeze.jpg

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