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A Well-Timed Morning

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In efforts to make our mornings run smoothly this school year, my goal has been two-fold. 1.) to have counters cleared with my dishes loaded in the washer and set to run while I’m in bed, and 2.) to have my coffee timed to be ready to greet me in the morning. It has literally pulled me out of bed some days knowing I have a pot of hot coffee and a clean kitchen waiting for me. Getting out of bed ahead of the crowd and preparing my heart and mind for the day has held great benefits for me.


Timers in general, are heavily relied on in our house. The bread maker has one that I use at times to have a loaf ready for breakfast, or when we get home from church. Crock pots are essential in helping to feed this brood with little effort at a certain time. The dishwasher, the coffee pot, and the infamous microwave timer which referees lines for computer time, the naughty step, and at times how long we have before we are officially “late.”


I’ve been slipping lately on my 2 main objectives. Maybe a little laziness on my part. But wow, what a price I pay in the morning. Got to get back in the saddle and make sure I’m using these modern conveniences.


Caffeine Timer


Tonight the coffee is set but the dishes are far from done. But it’s officially the end of my day. So…good night. Better luck tomorrow.

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