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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Rough Morning

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The morning began well-enough, but quickly turned sour when each of my school-aged boys’ attitudes went south on the turn of a dime. One didn’t want to bring his show and share item. My insistence caused his mood to go foul from that point forward until we loaded up the van. One didn’t like a decision his dad and I made regarding a question he brought to us. Actual crying and protesting ensued. Stand firm, mom! The third complained of a sore throat and was perfectly willing to miss his last day of school before break (party and all!) so he could stay home and get mom’s sick-day “sweet treatment”. I was caving…yet he had no fever, no signs of strep, no other symptoms. I never would have gotten to stay home for this! How could I let him? I told him he would have to stay in his bed all day if he did stay home. I then marched off to call in the reinforcements–Dad. Dad said, “send him to school,” so I did. Thank God for my 2 little ones waking cheerfully. What would I do without a happy 2 year old in my life? When moods and temperaments flair up, I can always count on Charlie for a hug and a giggle.


Some mornings I’ve done nothing but run around my kitchen starting the day, yet it feels like I’ve climbed a mountain. Mothering calls for resolve in these gritty moments. By all outward appearances, it’s not a big deal, but on the inside some big lessons are being taught and learned–by them and by me.

I sent them off with prayer and a steadfast heart. Thank you Lord, for bringing them home happy. That’s what prayer and a Christmas party will do for your day.

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