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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

All is Calm

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Today was a very unusual day. Gabe and Amelia were invited to see a movie with some pals of theirs. Ty and Luke went down to the neighbor’s to play, and Jack was down for a nap. My mom happened to come today. And strangely enough all of this culminated at the same time. Seriously, no children in the house for 2-3 hours? This just does NOT happen in this house.
Let me say now that my mom is a saint. She comes almost every week to help me with projects, allow me to run errands, or whatever else I feel like doing. She is The. Best. She’s told me one of her goals when she comes is to leave my sink clear of dishes…for a brief interlude anyways and she is all about making that happen. Did I mention she is a Saint?

So what were we two to do? Scrub floors? Pick up the Christmas fallout? Not a chance! Instead, we fulfilled our annual tradition in watching this beloved movie. For probably 10 winters now, my mom and I have watched Little Women together. It never ceases to make me cry and gets better for me every year.little_women_poster.jpg

Marmee is a mother I aspire to be in many ways. Equipped with a wise answer and continually planting seeds of inspiration for her children to tend and make bloom. Ten years ago, I would get choked up over young love. Today I get choked up over mother love.

My children were disappointed to find we’d watched it without them. They have enjoyed parts of it in years past. It seems a new tradition may be in the making.

One thought on “All is Calm

  1. how fortunate you are to have such a wonderful mother…and how wonderful for her to have you. it is so special to be able to forge such bonds and weave such special and lasting memories.

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