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Handmade Reluctance

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Freezer Paper Toe Shoes

I could completely identify with this post about a child’s reluctance to love the handmade. My children are typically enamored at first with their new gift, but when it comes to actually wearing it, some are more reluctant than others. Will, in particular would much prefer I buy him something than make it.

I realized this in full effect when I made the boys cowboy vests for their fall festival (their school theme this year is The Wild West).vest1 They were thrilled when I finished them the night before the parade. Will inspected it and tried it on. But after a little while he pensively came back to me and asked if we had a tag I could sew in the back of the neck. I did happen to have a UPC sticker laying beside my machine from a sheet of felt. How about this? I said. Oh Yeah, that’s better. That satisfied his 7 year old need for a mark of mass production and it’s still on there today.

I do hope someday–if not now–they can appreciate the love and thought that goes into the gift making process and therefore the gift itself.  Not that they will absolutely love everything I make for them, but rather understand that there is love behind it.  Of course I’m not saying that buying a costume etc. excludes love! but for some people, the making is one means to show you care.

It’s a lesson I learned myself my Senior Year of high school when for Christmas my crafty mom embellished a sweater for me. It was very sweet and a thoughtful idea. I, however, did not know how to appreciate it and the look on my face showed it. It must have hurt her feelings a bit and looking back, I’m a little embarrassed by my own selfishness. Yet of all the sweaters she ever bought me…guess which one I still have. Yep!

And now I cherish the handmade and thoughtful things people create for us. They are my most favorite possessions. A little piece of that person went into the making. I value that.

Although we’ve crafted together since my children were very young, some of them enjoy the finished product more than others. Either way, the process has given us many good memories and joyful times together, and who could ever complain about that!

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