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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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With the holiday hustle finished, I have now given myself full permission to nest. Our house is finally put back together.

We had a game night with friends last weekend which forced me to get things finished up. I’m grateful for the fruit of hospitality–great times and memories with people we care about, good food and conversation and a clean house at the end of it all. Though I must say the fruit of pressure-cleaning is not always very tasty–especially for my kids. Sorry guys for being so short!

Anyways, here I am now trying to cram as much of my life’s ambitions into the next 28 days that my waddling frame can withstand. Knowing soon our house will seemingly be turned upside down and shook like a piggy bank for at least 3 months following the arrival of our new baby. My goal is to just absorb it all and enjoy each day and remember these words.

I did squeeze in some sewing yesterday. I made an adorable smocket from Mayfly (see sidebar) for my niece and was planning to make one for my other. As I got sewing, I rather thought it might make a nice gift for a baby shower this weekend. By the time I’d finished, Amelia and I both decided we would keep it for our own baby. Oops! No one told me I might get so attached to the finished product. I promised myself to still make one for my niece and friend in the near future. I’ll pair it with these too-cute felt booties from Martha Stewart.

Wool Felt Smockett
Calico PrintReversible Smockett
And finally, due to unseasonably warm temps in the mid-west I was able to get the crib outside and give it a fresh coat of paint. We’re making progress!

Tidying up the Place

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