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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Color of the Day: Red

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One of the kids’ group Christmas gifts was a sewing machine. They’ve enjoyed experimenting and creating in the past with an old Tiny Taylor machine I had. So I knew that when it went the way of the trash can, I wanted to replace it. I can honestly say all of them were moderately to extremely excited to give it a try.


They have a scrap bag that’s all theirs for creating as well as a stack of acrylic felt. I love to see what they come up with. Alot of scarves in the works, a bookmark, and tonight…a pillow from Ty and Jack.


I didn’t help at all–except to re-thread the needle numerous times. He was happy to give it and also that Jack would only fall asleep on this very pillow tonight. A gift well-given and received.

Charlie's pillow

Oh, and I did finish my niece’s smocket tonight. Just one more to go. I added a little peasant headband too. This fabric was used on a certain red riding hood cape for Amelia this past Halloween. That’s all I can think of when I see it now. Red corduroy+ pink floral print=cookies and raspberries for grandmother.


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