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Cleaning House

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Squid Soap

Have you seen this? Squid Soap? Maybe it’s a gimmick, but I bought it Hook.Line.And.Sinker. We have had some bugs floating around here that need a good swift kick out the door. I have been cleaning and laundering like a fiend and have beefed up our main line of defense…hand washing.

We’re going back to the basics and this cool soap dispenser has become my new best pal in that effort. There’s a stamp on top which marks on your palm when you pump the soap. You then spend the next 15-20 seconds scrubbing under hot water to remove the stamp. And Voila! clean hands…all under the guise of play.

Crafting corner

And not that this is anything major, but I tidied up my crafting corner which is truly a corner–of our basement. I made a fabric inspiration board, and got a spool rack at Joann’s for 40% off. I’m feeling like a more efficient sewer already. And you can see I need to get busy buying thread. Maybe that wasn’t such a great purchase…one that makes me spend more in the end just to make it seem complete? Huh, maybe I’ll add slowly.

Love this fabric

Here is just a simple collage from one of my favorite fabrics. It was a dress I cut down to a shirt. I love the colors and want to make something special with the rest of it. Maybe a skirt for Amelia…she’s all about wearing skirts these days which I secretly love.

And finally, congratulations! to my stellar sister-in-law who just ran her first marathon today in Phoenix. She beat her personal goal by 23 minutes. Her husband and 2 sweet kiddos were there to cheer her on along with family in the area. Way to go, girl!

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