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Feeding the Freezer

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Feeding the FreezerMy dear mom came up today to help watch kiddos so I could feed my freezer. Although I was completely spent at the end of the day, I’m always glad when I put it into overhaul like this and get some plans in place for the “I don’t feel like cooking tonight” dilemma.

My list was a bit ambitious for one woman on her own, and I didn’t complete it all, but by the week’s end, I think I can tick it all off.

My go-to stash includes batch cooking across several food groups:

Protein batches included one 20 lb. turkey which yielded roughly 16 2- c. servings of chopped turkey for casseroles and soups plus dinner for that night, 3 lbs of pre-made meatballs and 2 meatloaves, 4 bags of “dump” chicken, 4 spaghetti pies, 2 quiche-in-a-bags, and I still have about 3 servings of creamy chicken shells to stuff.

During that time my bread maker was cranking out 4 large pizza doughs and a batch of Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls and I baked off 1 large and 2 small pumpkin quick breads.

I still want to make a cheesecake, muffins for after-school snacks, corndog muffins, crabcakes, and turkey pot pie filling.

I need more counters!
If you’ve done this style of cooking you know it’s the clean up that can kick your tail. I tried to keep up with the pots and pans, but I didn’t finish all the clean up till today.
Cinnamon Rolls in the making
This is my family’s absolute favorite breakfast treat…the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. The recipe can be found here. I roll them out and freeze them. Then I take them out the night before, thaw them in the fridge to rise, and they’re ready to bake off in the morning.  Yum!
Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

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  1. What a delightful blog you have…I couldn’t stop reading! And you have a lovely family. God bless…and I will keep reading and I am so glad I came across your blog.

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