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“Bish” Tank Catstrophe

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One of Kevin’s hobbies is his 55 gallon fresh water aquarium. He buys more trinkets for the 2 turtles and 5 fish that live in it than I think he’s ever bought me. Not that I’m complaining! I’m well taken care of.

The cool thing about the aquarium is the life science happening right in front of our eyes. We’ve seen 2 of the female Sicklets carry their eggs (in their mouths) on 3 different occasions and have almost seen them hatch…until the mother ate them all, that is. I guess no one ever said wildlife was for the faint of heart.

My favorite fish is Lemon. The picture of her below was taken by my kids so it’s a little blurry, but she is a saucy little fish. Amelia claims Lemon as her fish. Two year old Jack argues that no, in fact, it’s his “bish”!


Tonight he laid claim on the fish tank in a way that no one else has. I was downstairs when I heard all the kids shouting Jack name with sincere urgency. I rushed upstairs to find a sopping wet Leap Frog Leapster and a dripping Webkinz lying in a pool of water on the carpeting. Thankfully, Luke reached in and fished out the valuables Jack had tossed into the tank. Just what I wanted to do tonight, launder a pug puppy, wet-vac my carpeting, and dry out electronics. I just hope the last one still works! Wow, there is really NEVER a dull moment.

We did all have a laugh at dinner tonight as we told Kevin about it, and Jack beamed as for the first time he called Lemon his “F”ish instead of his “bish”. My, what learning can take place through error.

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