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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Giving and Receiving

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The past 3 weeks have felt a little blurry. I feel like I’m just getting the bare essentials covered, and it may be that way for quite a while. But my overarching feeling right now is gratitude.

I’m thankful for our wonderful friends and family who have supplied our brood with meals and gifts to the point of overflowing. For carpool rides with no strings attached. For babysitting while I run to a steady stream of appointments. And for the love and support we have been the recipients of. As the adage goes, it is better to give than to receive. We are humbled as we receive, and the kindness we’ve been shown only motivates me to want to give all the more.

I’ve been thinking alot about giving lately. I can become so focused on what’s happening under my own roof that the rest of the world escapes me. To be in need gives cause to understand another’s needs–to gain empathy on how someone else might be feeling.

This is something I want to cultivate more in my children’s hearts as well. So often they are seeking to receive more than they are to give. I’m brainstorming intentional ways that we can give to others. My hope is that we all are filled up to the brim in the act of giving and want to do it more and more as a result.

I’ll share what we come up with. I’m also interested in what others have done that works. Leave a comment if you would!

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