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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

play time

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We’re on spring break this week, but today was the first day it felt remotely like spring and remotely like a break. I planned some things to help us unplug this week…friends over, a tour of Papa’s jobsite, swimming, some crafts. Lately, there’s been a pull at them from other directions and it troubles a mom’s heart somedays. But today a familiar contentedness settled into our home. Luke drawing his best artwork at the kitchen table, Ty and Gabe in their old cowboy garb sneaking around every corner in search of the “bad guy”, Amelia and Jack coloring and playing with the baby. PEACE and happy kids. Ahhhh!


Imaginative play is something I strive to protect in their lives. All too soon it is crowded out by media, peers, and plain old growing pains. It’s why my Grandmother would often chide me to keep playing with my dollies. She would say it’s ok if you’re 12 and still playing with dolls. “Do it as long as you can,” she would say. This is one of the reasons I often feel compelled to homeschool our children–to prolong their childhood in this fast culture. We send them off to school because we think the benefits outweigh the costs for our family at this time. I’m sure I’ll forever be doing the educational cost-benefit analysis; but in the meantime, I continue to try to reacquaint them with the joy of simple play. I want these times we have at home together to evoke warm memories and good times and I am so pleased when that all comes together.


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