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spring loaded

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00 sharp at the Clock Tower
4:00 sharp at the Clock Tower. We met Papa on spring break for a tour of his jobsite and happily it was one of the few days we’ve been reminded of what lies behind gray clouds.


We saw enormous pipe and steel studded walls, electric and water lines, and roughed in bathrooms. The boys even got to walk on the roof of this 7 story building. But the favorite by far was when each one got to take a turn at the power tool.

Too fun for a grown man; and certainly way too fun for a growing little man or 3, and a Punky Brewster-type girl.Power Tools

And today I needed to take some time and focus on that little girl. It’s sometimes plain to see when a little mother-daughter bonding is needed. For Amelia and I, crafting together seems to do the trick. I’ve been wanting to make the Heidi Headband from Bend the Rules Sewing. I guess this is a simplified version. I used an elastic closure in the back and they sewed up in no time. After the first one she requested 4 more…all her fabric picks. She’s already planning the week’s wardrobe around them.

Jack wanted one too. He chose a green fabric with white daisies. Instead of a headband though, I made him a quick envelope for his Spiderman cards. That did the trick too.


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  1. oh the headbands are so lovely!

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