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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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CollectionGaming runs deep in the veins of these kids of mine. Their grandfather started it. Their father continued it. And the tradition carries on even now. It’s mainly the men-folk. But any woman brave enough to let her little ones fend for themselves a while, and at the same time, glutton for some head to head combat is welcomed to join in.


Hours at a time are spent gathered around the table on holidays. Occasionally Friday nights are set aside for the man-kiva to gather and beat their chests over a game of Ticket to Ride. Other serious games they play are Settlers of Catan, Rail Barron, Stratego, Risk, Amazonas, and sundry others I don’t know about. The first two are my personal faves. Then there are games we play with the kids when we need to focus some energy or have a good laugh together: Blokus, Hit the Deck, Goblet, Monopoly Jr., Othello. Gaming the old fashioned way (sans a power plug) has helped them learn to take turns, play fair, plan ahead, and if found in a rare good humor…to encourage one another.

I took this photo at Easter. Six-year old Gabe and my Grandfather played a spirited game of chess; I love the contrast. An old hand and a new hand with nothing but time to pursue the other’s king. The game ended in stale mate. They were both impressed. Old Hand, New Hand

These picts are part of the macro challenge I’m participating in. It’s been a fun challenge and there are some awesome shots over there. Check it out.

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