peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

ten things…

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Taking a cue from Soule Mama. Here are 10 things I am loving-in no particular order:

1. The new camera Kevin got me for my birthday which makes these cheetahs here with Gabe…
…look like they’re this up-close.

2. This wheat field that grows behind my parents’ house-the same one I grew up in. It’s a comfort to me.
Wheat Field

3. The first baby quilt I’ve ever made. A gift for some dear friends’ 7th child. I see more of it’s kind in the future.
Lap Quilt

4. This sweet little thing that is growing like a weed. Nearly 6 months already! She’s wearing one of my favorite outfits-the embroidered polka dots and the panda-too good.
5. My favorite breakfast.
Raspberries and Grapenuts with Honey

6. The laughter that comes from a Slip and Slide
Slip and Slide

7. My 2 year old on ice skates. Watching him go from fearful to triumphant inside 2 hours.
2 year old Ice Skater
8. The color of creation.

9. This reading lesson amongst my children which made me smile.

10. This mysterious sky.

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