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First Day Jitters

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Golden Beach

Well today was the first day of school for the boys and I was not as organized as I like to be. To quote my college days, I’m “sooo ten minutes ago!” [make that 10 hours ago.] One week at the beach and I’ve been chasing my tail ever since.

Just so you know what an organized mother I was today: I had no milk, so it was a breakfast of champions for the first day of school–pop tarts or peanut butter crackers. I failed to pack their lunch for lack of groceries so I was a big hit when I forked out $7 for 3 hot dogs and half-pints of milk. When I went to take their annual school picture on the front porch, my camera choked at me that the battery was exhausted. I did manage to take some blurry shots with my cell phone once we got to school. I’m grateful that battery didn’t die because I had “dangerously low power”. While there I found out there was a kindergarten parents meeting that was communicated through mail–mail which I did not receive as it probably got lost from our out-of-town-holding. I picked up the packet from the teacher and headed to JC Pennys with 3 kids in tow to get some school clothes for the 3 kids that were already at school. Uuugh!

You know how people say you need a vacation from vacation? I feel ya! It’s work going and work coming, but it is worth it all in the end. I think of my Aunt who travels with her family from Hawaii back home for at least a month each summer. I’m amazed! How does she do that?

We returned from vacation on Saturday, spent a great day with my family on Sunday for my Grandparents 60th! Wedding Anniversary. Such an accomplishment and wonderful example of a marital vow!

Tomorrow I send Amelia off to kindergarten. I’ve not been this conflicted about sending any of them as I am her. She’s a youngin’ with a fall birthday. We’ve opted to wait with our boys who have fall birthdays, but she seems ready. I trust God will give us discernment to know what is best for her. He faithfully provides and I know he will continue to do just that.

I’ll get my second day of school pictures on the porch tomorrow and I WILL get them because my batteries are charged–both for the camera and for myself.

One thought on “First Day Jitters

  1. Well despite all your uphill battles for the day it sounds like you were able to still keep a handle on things! The tellings of a REALLY GOOD MOM!!
    Good luck on porch photos tomorrow. I am sure they will turn out wonderful!

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