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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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When my children look back on their childhoods, I want them to remember that they had a few birthday parties. Nothing elaborate or even yearly, but a few milestones to keep in their minds. I try to make it manageable for both our schedule and our pocketbooks by marking select years with a party and I try to make as much as I can by hand. We celebrate each birthday every year with family and/or some special remembrance. But certain years get a party with friends. This year Mia turned 5- so she was up.

Tea Party

We had a beautiful day with a clear blue sky and teacups all around. When I was a girl, my dear grandmother would buy me a new teacup for my birthday and Christmas. It was an honor to have Amelia use them for this very purpose and probably what I’d had in the back of my mind when I saved them all these years. I thought of my grandma an awful lot during their use last weekend.


We did a pinata-which many a little girl in beautiful party dress had no problem smacking the bajeebies out of, by the way.

They ate finger foods and cupcakes with raspberry-lemonade tea.

Ribbon Row
Fabric flower hair bows and clothespin dolls (unfinished here) for the goodie bags.

Doll Row

And though she is no longer 4 as she held up here earlier in the summer, she will forever be my little sweetheart. We love you! Happy 5th year Mia!

No More 4

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  1. Aww what a cute themed party you had for her! I can’t believe she is 5 already! For some reason when we visited you guys on our way to NY back in 2006 the kids at that point are what sticks out in my head as far as age and size. Its amazing that 2 years have passed and the kids are as weeds now!

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