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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27




Although I finished the sweater for B a couple months back, I never posted the finished photo. The pattern is from Knitty. I enjoyed making this so much. Knitting for babies is a joy.
Sweater 1.0
Here is the same sweater in a bit thicker yarn. I actually like this one better. It’s waiting for some pink buttons and blocking. I’m giving it to my cousin’s baby…I think. I did most of it in the van as we traveled this summer.
Sweater 2.0
I’m scoping out ravelry tonight for some hat patterns for the boys. They need some cool beanies. And as the weather breaks, I find myself wanting to get busy. Ah…midwestern September! you are sweet.

2 thoughts on “Sweaters

  1. The only thing I can do is crochet a blanket and I am not all that good doing that! Such talent you have! You definately live in a good climate for all the sweaters and hats. I really wish we all lived closer! I am sure there are many other talents you have that I could learn from ya!

  2. The thing about blogs is you get to show all the pretty stuff. Never mind the pile of dishes in the sink behind me and my unshaven legs. Just crop that out and it’s all good šŸ™‚

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