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Yellow Mellow

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I don’t like summer cooking. I always have ideas of fresh salads and grilled meats. But in reality it ends up being a bowl of cereal or a hot dog at the ball park more often than I would like to admit. I don’t like to heat the kitchen if I don’t have to. So it’s not that I don’t cook in the summer, it’s just not much.  Once autumn rolls around though, I can’t stop cooking.  Kinda inspires me.
One thing we could eat all summer with no complaints though, is produce.
Mellow Yellow
Have you ever seen a yellow watermelon before? I hadn’t until my mother in law gave us one.  Kevin picked up a second one 2 days later.   It tastes delicious and  just like a pink watermelon-only sweeter.  This was our simple dinner last Friday as I scrambled at 5:00 to fill some rumbling tumblings.

I ended up with beef fajitas and yellow watermelon.  It was a keeper all the way around.  The fajitas are just dry ranch dressing mix (2 tbsp.) and dry taco seasoning (4 tbsp.) combined to coat 2 lbs. of sirloin steak (thanks for the steaks, Mom!) cut into long 1/2 strips.  Add sliced green and orange peppers and 1 onion. Stir-fry them all together and roll them in tortillas with cheddar cheese.

They aren’t complicated. You may already make them, but the ranch and taco mix is a yummy combo. They almost tasted as good as Don Pablos. ALMOST.

One thought on “Yellow Mellow

  1. See if only you were closer… it sounds like you guys would enjoy alot of the “old’ recipes I USED to make! Now with my new food restrictions and having to use all natural/organic materials (limited on those as well) I am finding myself missing all these kind of meals! If you guys like your mexican food try marinating chicken breasts cut into strips in italian salad dressing. Cut up onions and peppers into strips and cook in a grill pan or on stove top also in the italian salad dressing. Cook your chicken once again in the dressing. Wrap tortillas in alum foil and put on the grill for 5 minutes before ready to assemble. Put chicken, onions and peppers, cheddar cheese, more italian salad dressing if coating on meat and veggies isn’t enough (‘it never is for me), sour cream, guac, salsa, you get the point anything you like in your tortillas and eat um up! Super yummy!

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