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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

The Vine


At the risk of sounding like (what my parents would disdainfully title) a “yuppy”, I’m going to go through with this post. Because it was such a cool experience and our friends Marc and Renee do a great job of bringing pomp to daily duties…like grape harvesting.

They live in a sleepy college town and have a yard I dream of having some day. They keep a hardy vegetable garden and have several rows of grapevines.

Each year they host a winemaking party. We were fortunate to be in attendance this year for the first time. Each family is asked to bring something they harvested and fellowship and conversation fills the afternoon as grapes are picked, sorted, and crushed.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


The Bounty

Of course we asked if we would be pulling an I Love Lucy version of pressing…with our feet.  But Marc is far too sanitary for that.  He uses a fancy schmancy press.

Can you smell them?

Stabilizing the Press

Here is the final product ready for fermentation.  Not pretty, but we tasted last year’s yield-named Moonstruck-and the end result is very pretty.

Wine in the Making

I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, and my tolerance is about one glass.  But we all got a chuckle out of this shot.  Talk about a relaxing day outside with the kids!


2 thoughts on “The Vine

  1. Oh how fun that looks! This is a stupid question but are those grapes just for making into wine or are they as yummy just being consumed as grapes??

  2. They’re just as good off the vine and I think they make great jam too. Wish I had some now 🙂

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