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Bumper Crop

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We went apple picking at my Grandpa’s house last month. He lives on one of my favorite pieces of land (second only to my brother’s) on which he and my Grandmother raised their 7 children. Feeding them with the various fruit trees they planted and the garden they all tended, he’s lived there nearly 60 years.

These trees are still feeding his family…children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  To us, it’s the best place to pick apples. Five apple trees produced in abundance this year. We’ve had 3 rounds of this organic, bumper crop since September. (thanks Mom, for the extra pickings!)

We made applesauce last week.  This week we will make Freezer Apple Pie Filling originally from Debi Taylor-Hough, and miscellaneous other things.  The abundance should surely get us through our winter apple cravings.

Smelling good

Sqeezo in action

My friend Sara let me borrow her Squeezo food press.  It is so fast (and after Googling it, apparently expensive) and was a lot of fun to use.  Even Jack-Jack helped.  I canned that afternoon and tried some other things for the first time that day…like homemade yogurt; and though I was exhausted at the end of the day, it felt great.  Because it’s not everyday that our kitchen is so fruitful.

Jack at work

One thought on “Bumper Crop

  1. Oh what awesome fun you guys had! I completely miss picking fresh apples. I recently found a lady that has fresh fruit brought down from Utah and sold in huge bulky boxes. Good freshly picked apples and pears (pretty much all I can eat as far as fruit is concerned these days) but VERY PRICEY!!
    It looks like you guys will definately be enjoying apples all winter long!!

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