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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Halloween Past


Wizard of Oz simpsons

In honor of Halloweens gone by, here is our crew 3 years ago as the Wizard of Oz.  All that was missing was a Toto costume for baby Jack.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Past

  1. Oh I so want to theme the kids costumes but they are so NOT into the idea! Maybe next year!! They looked so cute!!
    Whats the theme this year?

  2. Hi Simpson clan! Great Grandma Jean and I have been enjoying looking at all of the pictures. The kids are beautiful and it looks like you have so much fun with all of your activities. Those activities that are so much fun to do in the fall. It brings back memories of what Fall truly is with the cool weather and leaves turning, caramel apples and cider. Thinking about it helps us get through the 95 degree temps we are having and it is now Nov.3. Erika, your pictures are fantastic. You have such a great talent!

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