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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Chips fall where they may


Dried Apple Chips

I had planned on making pomanders with these dried apples, but when I snuck one out of curiosity, they tasted too good.  They taste just like the overpriced apple chips you can buy at the store.

Here’s how I stumbled upon them:

slice 5-6 apples thinly on their sides (so the star is in the center)

place on a baking try in a single layer

bake at 200 degrees F for 3-4 hours (makes the house smell so good)

let cool for 1 hour; store in air-tight container

I will core them next time, but the stars are awfully cute too.  My biggest struggles with food is finding satisfying, healthy snacks.  This is all of the above for me.

Today was such a long day! I had to cancel and reschedule one cub scout meeting and a Bible Study that were to be held at our house over the next 24 hours due to a virus that has hit our home.  I spent the day on the phone, running some necessary errands and consoling a cranky and suffering child as much as possible in between.  My compassion wears thin sometimes.  I’m sorry for that.  Meanwhile my counter tops and floors filled with the remnants of 8 peoples’ stuff quicker than you could shake a stick at.  Somedays the Bahamas sound extra good!

Maybe a good night’s sleep [fingers crossed] will bring a brighter day tomorrow.  Till then.

2 thoughts on “Chips fall where they may

  1. the apple chips look like a GREAT, easy snack idea…thanks!! Sorry to hear that you guys have a yucky virus. No fun!!:( I understand about the lack of compassion/sympathy…praying that you get a good night sleep tonight.

  2. You need to buy this book titled “FEED ME I’M YOURS” by Vicki Lansky. Its all about making your own foods for a nutricious baby all the way up to toddler and older years! Its an awesome book for neat HEALTHY snack foods! Its broken up into chapters according to meal types( baby foods, finger foods, breakfast foods, toddler meals, seasonal recipes, birthday party foods) and then it goes into chapters about kitchen crafts, potpourri, first aid tips, the list goes on. Its a REALLY GOOD BOOK. I got into it alot when I had Ava and ended up never buying a premade jar of baby food or snack food for over a year while we were in NY! The kids love the dried fruit roll ups recipe! Anyway its a good book and not too pricey either (like around $10)!
    Those apple chips look mighty tasty by the way!

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