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The Inventor

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I got out my step this past weekend for some step aerobics. Ugh!   The kids were fascinated…which tells me that clearly, my children have not seen me exercise enough.  There are so many machines and gizmos one could invest in for the sake of a fit bod.  I’d personally like a mat and a gym ball.  But Gabe’s ideas for the step would save anyone some cash:


…the treadmill (it really worked in his socks!)


…and the thighmaster.


Gabe is quite the inventor.  He slides down the stairs on flattened cardboard boxes.  Climbs the shower like spiderman [for which he’s quickly reprimanded].  Makes up games out of thin air.  I’ll be sure to dedicate a future post to his and Luke’s home-brewed shampoo.  It’s too good.

One thought on “The Inventor

  1. Don’t feel bad my kids haven’t ever seen my exercise either! Usually if I get into the ‘mode” Ava will hop on me as if its time to floor wrestle!!
    Thats funny that they found such creative uses for your stepper though!

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