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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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This is our first broken window.  I always thought it would be a baseball and a boy on the other side of that window.  But not so much.  As you can tell by the photo, the break did not come from the outside, but the inside.  And the break also did not come from one of my sons, but rather from my daughter.  Here she is all contemplative and calm.


When she broke it, she was sitting on the back of our couch there.  She fell back and “crash” she was stuck.  The blind was down and that provided protection from those huge shards of glass.  By God’s grace she did not fall straight through.  She had 3 small scrapes on her back and was shook up pretty badly.  So was I.  But this is not her first big break.  No sireee!

Broken Leg

She also inaugurated the broken bone category.  At just 8 months old little Amelia (pictured above) rolled down 6 carpeted stairs and broke her leg.  She wore that cast for 3 weeks.  I thought one of my sons would capture that title too.  But Amelia will not be outdone by her brothers.

Thankfully our windows are under full warranty, but I will say that no one is allowed to sit on top of the couch anymore.

The photo below is of Britta crawling at the same age as Mia (above) in the same outfit.  Deja vu, minus the cast.


One thought on “Initiations

  1. First I will start by saying I am glad Ameila was not injured badly from this accident! Now I will go on by saying that after all is said and done and no trips to the ER its sorta funny that she is your “clumsy” child compared to the boys! I guess thats what happens when you have 3 older brothers!

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