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Gratitude is an attitude

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Corn and Candles

I know I’m a little slow on the uptake.  Can it really be December 6 already?  Yikes!  I wanted Thanksgiving to linger a while longer…it’s my favorite!  Here are a few pics of some fun traditions that we enjoy during this season of thanksgiving.  I’m posting them so I remember them.  These are last year’s finger puppets that we made on a whim.  So simple, but a great way for the kids to tell and recall the story of the Pilgrims and Indians.

Fall Finger Puppets

This recipe came from Family Fun originally and has become one the kids keep me on the hook for–Pilgrim Hats. They are just marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate chips and placed on upside down fudge rounds to make the cutest hats. If we’re taking them somewhere I put a yellow frosting buckle on each one. If we’re the only ones eating them, we skip the buckle and grab one or two before they’re all gone. Yummy!


Ty read the most touching short story for school called Molly’s Pilgrim. I have a real soft spot for children’s literature and every once in a while (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) I come across a book that brings me to tears as we’re reading. The kids all stop and look at me confounded while I pull it together. This was one of those books.

His homework assignment was to make a clothespin pilgrim like in the story. We both enjoyed this project and I was thankful for the chance to work on it together.  He named him William.DSCN0342_875

Incidentally our basement flooded on Thanksgiving morning due to an aquarium mishap. Not exactly what one wants to do while the Macy’s parade is rolling. It was a challenge to keep a grateful attitude, yet there is always so much to give thanks to God for, even in the midst of struggles.  I was also very thankful that turkey dinner was NOT at my house that day.

So now it’s officially onto advent season.  It’s a wonderful time of year.

One thought on “Gratitude is an attitude

  1. Looks like you guys are keeping pretty busy as well! I am hoping this baby cooperates and we can get the gingerbread house and train done tomorrow! If so look for that post! Make sure you post things you do this month! Its always fun to see what others do with their kids during the holidays!!

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