peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Playing with light


I took a few pics of the morning light last week. It was a welcome change to December’s cloudy drear around here! We did get 2 inches of snow today which is also welcome this time of year. Everybody likes a little snow at Christmas.

Cozy Corner

Morning light

How about that princess sippy cup on top!

Bookcase and sippy cup

Loving a new mug!
My mom got me this mug. It’s becoming my new sippy cup. Thank you mom! and thanks for the Black Friday shopping date. Let’s do it again next year!

3 thoughts on “Playing with light

  1. See if you guys would just all move out here you would have those sunshine pictures all throughout winter!!!
    So you did go out shopping on Friday!! What deals did you aim to get??

    • My parents talk about getting a winter place in AZ someday (my Great grandparents lived in Tucson for 25 years or more). Wouldn’t be completely unheard of! and it sounds wonderful most of the time.

  2. Good pictures Erika! I loved our shopping trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually our once a year trip !


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