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Catching up


Since I seem to be playing catch up around here, I thought I might as well keep in that vein and post something about each of the kids.

Gabe's first grade feast

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of volunteering in Gabe’s class. They had a thanksgiving feast and then I stayed to watch gym class and music. It was so much fun to be there with him. I need to do this more often–for all of the kids. It was worth the effort to get there. And thankfully he was excited to have me. I always worry they’ll be like “mom! why are you here!” But he wasn’t at all, so that was good he was happy to see me.

Amelia got her haircut and her father was the stylist. Kevin was helping her comb through her knots and said enough is enough. Her fine hair gets so easily tangled. Ten minutes later she had a cute “dump cut” ala dad.

I liked hers’ so much, I decided to cut mine too–yes, myself. I thought, well Kevin can just fix it. Turns out it was a bit too challenging for him, and I went to a stylist instead. She gave me exactly what I was looking for. Whew!


Luke loves to fish and went over the summer with my dad and mom on the lake. Here he is helping prepare them (from the freezer) for dinner. Kinda neat to know that he caught our dinner. Kinda sad that his mother’s recipe made them taste like cardboard. We ate them anyways and look forward to more in the future. Gotta get a better recipe before then.

He is wearing his sports goggles because he has lost 2 pairs of glasses in 8 months. Uuugh!


Here’s Britta’s hilariously toothy grin which she flashes every time she’s up to something. Here she found a Dum Dum sucker on the ground and was having the time of her life. We got some video too, but those teeth speak volumes about how much she enjoyed it.


Happy Jack is consistently the last one at the dinner table. Often he goes straight to bed from the dinner table because 1. he has sat there so long it’s bedtime, or 2. that is the consequence for his’ not eating. At least he still has a smile on his face in between bites.


I realize this picture looks very scary, it’s just the way Ty tilted his head in at the last minute that made it so. Rest assured he was perfectly safe and supervised as he whittled away on a bar of soap in efforts to earn his Whittlin Chip for Cub Scouts. It’s a great (smelling) way for beginners to practice.

Well I think that’s all for now. Hopefully I can post a bit more regularly throughout this month.

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Amelia’s hair looks adorable, Britta’s smile is just too cute! The boys are all getting so big. I can’t get over Jack, I think thats more cause I remember seeing him when he was Britta’s age! As for the dinner and then straight to bed… Dillon has that same eexact problem!! Its annoying more than anything to me! What a waste of a night but one day they will eat !!
    As for your fish… what fish were you eating?? We eat fish a couple times a week if not more with my “cardboard diet”!!

  2. I must say all these pictures are just adorable of our Grnadchildren. Good job Erika taking the pictures and posting them.


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