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Kinda like an old cellar


I’ve always thought the space under our basement stairs would be perfect for a second pantry. Like my Grandma’s fruit cellar, I could store canned goods in plenty as well as hide the lunch stash from after-school noshers, and keep extra water, paper and bulk products easily at hand.  It’s been a notion that wouldn’t go away, and my dear dad made it a reality this week.
Pantry in Progress 1
Here’s dad hard at work.
Pantry in Progress 2
Here’s kids hard at play. My kids love this classic book, and their favorite page is the last one where a similar sort of “bed” is shown. They had plans to sleep there that night, but my paper towels and ketchup bottles were calling.
Finished (sans paint)
Here’s the almost finished product.
It still needs some paint and a door, but the usable space is 100% improved from what it was.   The bottom 2 shelves will hold nine 5 gallon buckets each. I’m planning to get several empty buckets from our local deli and then fill them with pastas, flours and rice via a bulk order from the Health Food Coop in which I participate.

And not a moment too soon because the appetites on these boys are on the rise..and how!

2 thoughts on “Kinda like an old cellar

  1. Awesome! You can never have too many shelves for food and paper products with children in the house!!!

  2. We see yov’ve loaded those shelves Erika I knew you could hardly wait!

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