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for a bird

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I tucked this idea away for a minimalist bird house from 2 straight lines last year in September 0f 2007.  Didn’t I mention how my life is on a time warp continuum?!

Anyway, these gourds sell for a song in the fall.  I bought several and hung onto them for some such occasion as Christmas gifts.  There was no cost other than the gourds, as I used what I had on hand for all of the rest.


The paint was simply interior latex I’m using for our bedroom.  I applied 3-4 coats to ensure a good cover.  I would have coated it with polyurethane, but the shabby chic look will be nice over time too.  Next I marked off a 2 1/2 ” diameter circle.

Gourd birdhouses in bad lightSorry for the bad lighting in this pict.

I then drilled 3 holes: one on either side at the top–to loop the twine through, and one below the cutout for a perch.  I cut twigs from my honeysuckle bush to size, and Gorilla Glued them in place.  Finally I used a utility knife (though a jigsaw would have worked better) to cut out the opening.  Once that was completed, I fed a garden twine from one side to the other (I used a straw and a knitting needle if you’re curious), joined and wrapped it at the top base then tied off a large loop for hanging.

I also painted one I had hanging in my front flower bed. It still needed a perch, so in my mind it wasn’t yet a true birdhouse. Apparently perches aren’t necessary when you’re a bird. Because when I walked up close to get this icy blue macro shot, the bird who was living inside suddenly flew out and whizzed right by my ear. My scream and little dance must have made my neighbors laugh if they happened to catch view of me. It made my heart race anyways.

In case you were wondering, they are inhabitable. Proof positive!

One thought on “for a bird

  1. These are so wonderful…so nice that you are setting up house for the feathered creatures too!!
    Blessings, Lilly

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