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Hard to Gauge

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I had big plans for some hats for the boys this winter.  I actually followed through and knit more than enough.  Unfortunately, not a single one fits right.  I used the dashing London Beanie pattern from Ravelry.  It looked great in the photos I saw, but either my gauge is too tight or my kids have funky shaped heads.    Whatever the case may be, I have 5 knit beanies that might look swell on some little babies in my life, but certainly not on my sons.

I tried various adjustments from needle size to straight vs. circular needles, to adding and reducing stitches.  Anyway ya cut it, the London Beanie and I are happily parting ways.

fits a baby

See how well Gabe’s hat fits my (then) 11 month old!

fits my 3 year old

And Ty’s is even too small for Jack Jack!

Jan Crafting

Incidentally if you have a go-to hat pattern that you would recommend, could you please share?  I’m not sure my wrists can handle any more knitting this winter, but I’ll keep it tucked away for next time.

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