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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

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I was one who often let my little ones rest to Mr. Rogers’
Neighborhood.  His calm demeanor and his simple style are a delightful
understatement for our modern sensibilities.  You could always count on
learning something interesting.  Like how traffic lights are made, or
how a graham cracker assembly line works.  These are the things my
older children will comment on still today.

Last week we toured The Wall Street Journal with Gabe’s Tiger Den.  It was fascinating. I was in the mind of Mr. Rogers the whole tour.  I think it was the wonder of learning something
new.  Seeing how a common object is made in such an uncommon way.

I was simply amazed by good ole’ American ingenuity.  It made me pause
at both the vast machinery and the minute technology that make the
printing press what it is.


I have to admit feeling a little patriotic at the same time.  Wanting to see these seemingly waning days in our country turn a sharp corner and start to wax ingenuity once more.   Wanting to tell these boys that they can, by God’s grace, become men who will make meaningful contributions to their communities for future generations.  And to encourage my own sons to set their sights on things above–to live for a prize they cannot yet see; but one which will be worth every ounce they sacrifice to attain.

I know…all of this from a newpaper tour?  Well it was a really BIG press!

One thought on “The Daily Post

  1. Oh what GRACE! It is amazing!
    I am always spiritualizing everything…my girls just laugh and say, “mom, can’t we just do this without hearing a sermon”. But they listen!
    God is in control!

    Grace to you my friend! Lilly

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