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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Spring Cleaning

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This week I plan to get my house set to rights. Life has been a little hectic lately. It seems I need to actually spend some time at home in order to make it more of a home.  Maybe I’ll enlist Jack-Jack’s help.  I used to strap sponges on my feet as a little girl in order to help my mom mop.  I think his way looks equally fun.  Maybe I’ll even join him for old times’ sake.
Unconventional mop
I also hope to open a can of “spring cleaning”. (I wish it was as easy as opening a can.) So, I’m making my list and hoping to be scarce on the virtual scene while I tend to my real, tangible life. God’s blessings!

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Yes…it’s the mop and sponge dance! I remember it well.
    Happy cleaning!

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