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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Zooing It

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Kindergarten Zoo Trip

I try very hard to be on the kids field trips.  I hold great memories of sharing the zoo, the planetarium, plays and farms with my children.  On this beautiful May day, I got to accompany Amelia to the zoo.


We stuck with her teacher whom she adores and her dear friend and neighbor from across the street.  It was a super day to spend with my girl.


This mama monkey and baby were an intriguing sight.  She was visibly tired of her baby hanging on her and was being less than kind to him; pushing him aside and trying to move out of reach.  It was heartbreaking and a sad , personified picture of what a mom’s selfishness can look like.  I add it here to help me remember to be patient and abounding in love, even when I might not feel like it.  Just never know how and where God might give you a teachable moment…even through a monkey at the zoo!

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