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Nine and Counting

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DSCN1493For just about a year now you have been making your birthday list.  Waffling between one thing and another.  Always at the top of the list was a pet to call your own.  Luke had Skip, our beloved black and white dwarf rabbit.   Turtles just aren’t as cute and fun to play with as critters.  So we agreed to let you give it a go.  A guinea pig it was…or two rather.  One for Ty and one for the rest of the crew as everyone knows they are better in pairs.  It was so fun to watch the look on your face as you chose the one you wanted.  Proud and excited.We celebrated your day with family–a steak dinner with lots of fresh fruit ala Grandma; your kind of meal.  You took big cookies to school and as is always the case, you enjoyed your day.

Eight was a growing year for you…I feel like we’re growing too…learning what works best for you as you are clearly your own man.  You loved your teacher this year and sometimes I think you might rather have lived at her house.  You are a pretty easy-going kid with a great arm for baseball and a good amount of patience.  You have lots of friends and you know how to be silly.  You are a good brother to Jack and Britta and though you would not dare admit it, we know you love the other ones too.

I pray the coming year holds good things for your precious life.  That you will do your best at all you put your hand to, and that we will listen and instruct you with faithfulness and wisdom.  You are dear to us Ty!  Happy ninth year!

Ty getting Max

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