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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Punky Brewster

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my girl

Six…an age I vividly remember as a little girl. First grade was the year I had one of my favorite teachers, Miss Talis. We did fun things in her class like The Breakfast Club which consisted of each student recording what they ate for breakfast for two weeks and culminated in an early morning field trip to Frisches’ Big Boy where we got to order a healthy breakfast with our teacher. We relocated our classroom for a short time to the gym…I remember having missions week about China and learning about Hudson Taylor. We took our shoes off and ate on blankets to model the Chinese. It was the year I learn The Goups and one of my favorite songs to this day “This is my Father’s World”. My mom let me get bright red Nike tennis shoes that year with rainbow reflectors. I was very proud of those crazy shoes.

You are in first grade now…and I wonder what your memories will be.  I hope they will be the sort that make you look back and smile with fondness much like mine.  This year we have spent time together in fun ways.  I am praying for wisdom as I see rearing you will require different approaches than I’ve had to take with your brothers.  I pray we might someday have a relationship like I have with my own mom.  I have alot to learn!
Sweet Mi

Here is one very memorable tale that happened this year.  I’m pretty sure it made a mark on you as well.  We paid our respects to a dear family that lost their mother/grandmother this past spring.  Their 5 year old son has been smitten most of your kindergarten year.  I had not mentioned this to you as I don’t see it fruitful to muddle your mind with kindergarten crushes.  Yet some things rise to the top whether you pay them mind or not.

While we stood to greet them at the end, this little guy came over to you and said very purposefully, “I need to speak to you in private.  I’m going to whisper it in your ear”.  There was a pause as he whispered to you. You then leaned over to me and whispered in my ear that he had just asked you to marry him!  In a moment filled with sadness, this was incredible comic relief.  His seriousness was not to be mocked.  But the courage he showed and the purpose he displayed made you blush and my eyes pop…and then we couldn’t help but crack up!  His mother then sweetly took you to meet a few relatives to whom he had already talked to about you.  As we were leaving he yelled, “I’ll see you at my wedding!”

A marriage proposal at five!  It was incredibly sweet and funny.  His mom jokingly assured us he is a good reader and speller, he is a hard worker, and if he’s anything like his dad he’ll be a very good husband.

They say there’s something about weddings and funerals. I guess so.
Head on Sneer
Happy Birthday, “Punky Brewster”.  We love you!

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