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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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On the other side of a decade now.  What an amazing and terrifying week it’s been.  The Monday night before your birthday, you stayed up a little past your siblings helping me make your giant-sized cookies to take for school.  It was a nice time together.  I told you how blessed I was to be your mom and you hugged me and reciprocated the blessings.  These are the joys of motherhood…to watch you grow into a fine boy and beyond.  As the week progressed, I was quickly reminded how the role of parenting is a mixed bag of joys and trials.
Booker T Pig
You are facing the tween years and that within the fury of a godless generation.  All too soon talks will have to take place and already are in small ways.  You are recognizing your capacity to sin and praise God, with that, your need for forgiveness.  This is a work of God in your heart.

I see the path of parenting lying before us–a steep and rocky climb ahead for you and us.  You are breaking us in, firstborn son…just as you have with everything; paving my heart and understanding for what will be a well-worn path tread by those who walk behind you.  We will stumble and we will not always know which trail is best, but my prayer today is that our Lord will be our guide and that you continue to follow the guides God has given you.

May the coming year have His strong hand upon your life and heart.  May we continue to press toward the prize and find that God is the one who is faithful to bring us to the finish.
A new adventure
Happy birthday, firstborn son!  We love you!

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