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Putting Up

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From our garden boxes, originally uploaded by kedsrus.

The one thing I asked for both Mother’s day and my birthday this year was garden boxes. My husband did put in two 8×2 raised boxes, and much like they say about tatoos, I think I’d like some more.

It was a great learning year and I made notes for next summer, but I want to be able to “put up” (to borrow a term from previous generations) more than what these little boxes afforded us. They graciously fed us green beans and cherry tomatoes all summer. We’ve had red cabbage slaw and hot peppers in soup and salsa. But I would like to do a whole lot more beans as well as dedicate a whole box to vertical plants so I can put those Ball canning jars my Aunt Cynthia gave me to use.

Either way, this was one afternoon’s yield. The kids loved giving me progress reports and would pick what they found–ready or not at times. We had 3 little pumpkins. Two rotted on the vine as it got a blight, but this one made it’s way into muffins.

It was the summer of jam around here this year: strawberry, black raspberry, currant, concord grape–all sitting on our shelves waiting for winter. We were gifted much and also did our share of picking. The kids were eager helpers in picking…mostly because of the all-you-can-eat fruit factor, I’m sure.

And that brings us to the fall…routines, rhythms, and reason all in full swing. I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of this labor during the bleak months when I may need a reason to put a smile on my face. The memories we made ought to help do the trick.

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