peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Dying to Self

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That caterpillar went straight to work weaving; intent to do the next thing in the process of his transformation.  Within days, he hung in a glycine leaf bed shimmering and dangling.  Unaware of the intricate detail and delicacy which only another eye could appreciate.  He knew to make it strong and secure; make it able to weather the storm of change.

Emerging in Spite

After a week or two, it seemed death had come.  Dark and gray, shriveled and dried up, unrecognizable from the lush green cocoon a mere days earlier.  We waited it out not know what would come of it, and soon deemed it a failure again.  But we were wrong.  To our surprise he had prevailed and he wanted to fly.


How similar is our sanctification in Christ.  Behold old things have passed away. We enter his rest and become a new creation.   At times we hunker down for the storm, tucked in the cleft of His wing, intent to do the next thing in the process of our transformation.  We are woven by His Spirit, for His glory, into a magnificent work that our own eyes cannot behold.  It seems death comes to our souls as we walk through dry and dark trials.  Perhaps the pain is caused by the dying of self, knowing that change hurts.  Crucifying the flesh that fights vehemently to live another day.  Yet bit by bit we gain victory as we obey first in the small and then in the big.  We emerge from each trial, if we persevere, more glorious than we were when we went in.  And by His power, we too reach new heights.

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