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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

October Skies

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I love October. It may be my favorite month. But this year has held foreboding skies and a chill in the air that seems to have come too soon.  I still love it!  I’m certain I’m a melancholy spirit on a sunny day, but give me a little gray skies and misty mornings and it settles in a bit more.

In my own front yard

I come by it honestly…my dad is the same way.  Every fall there was a rhythm around our house growing up.  It wasn’t a bad feeling by any stretch, just a twinge of reflection and soberness.  There’s a feeling of departure heading into winter’s sleep, even though renewal and inspiration is all around.

Last night I found some songs by Cat Steven’s that have always reminded me of my dad.  I’ve been hunting for them for years actually, to no avail.  My dad introduced me to this fellow melancholy soul when I was in high school.  We would sit in the den and have “jam sessions”, listening to his music on old complicated reel-to-reel tracks.  I could never figure out how to find the songs I loved on those tracks except by accident.  Itunes is a vast improvement! and for $3.00 and 3 minutes, I was able to buy the three songs I’ve been in search of all these years.  They still give me that same twinge in the heart.  Who ever said reflection was a bad thing?  It’s a little painful, but then “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  (Socrates, I googled it)


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