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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

8 is Great!


To the boy who is always two steps ahead of me…you’re 8 now! You were born one month after 9-11. You came at a time when the world changed in an instant. You were hope in the midst of confusion. New life starkly born into a dying and fallen world. It was always fallen, but I never noticed it like I did in 2001. It was a difficult year on many fronts, but you brought hope and joy to our family. How eight years have come and gone so quickly, I can’t understand. It’s the cliched saying of a mother or father, but it’s cliche because it’s true…where does the time go?

GS' Birthday

You’re quick at everything you do, Gabe. God has given you a good mind. You are our budding linguist…our first to talk (at 15 months) and now able to do verbal gymnastics better than most kids I know. You are genuinely witty and, as Dad notices frequently, good at thinking outside the box. And speaking of boxes, you like to salvage any that you can for future projects. In fact, you like to salvage many things…like chicken bones. We all still marvel that you thought saving them under your bed for your imaginary dog was a good idea. Last week you wanted to tape a pancake to your bed because Luke made breakfast in the shape of everyone’s initials. You have a perpetual sweet spot for babies and are excited to have another brother whom you may get to room with.


You love 2nd grade and are reading up a storm. You look up to your big brothers as if no one else matters though you all can fight pretty well too. I marvel how you and Ty can play all day on any given theme: from cowboys to soldiers to horses to star wars. Amelia cried the first day you moved out of the Sunday School you were in together. She holds pretty tight to you too. You are our middle child in so many ways, but as I see our family grow, I see the middle is the glue that binds them all together. You are reflected strongly in each of your siblings and of course in our lives.

School Snack

I pray in the coming year that you will feel the great extent you are loved. That you will grow in wisdom and stature with God and men. May you humbly learn to look to Him! Happy Birthday dear Gabe!

The birthday snack idea came from Gourmet Mom on the Go.  If you give it a try, make sure to follow her directions and use paste rather than liquid food coloring.  I didn’t and had a gloppy mess, so we reverted to white crayons which worked out just as well though not quite as authentic.

2 thoughts on “8 is Great!

  1. Erika,
    Wonderful crayon treats and wonderful writings. Their is the writer in the family!!!

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