peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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As we begin to turn inward for the winter months, with all that early darkness and wanting to be in bed by 7pm, I am reminded of the tricks of the season that help get me through. Knitting, handwork, reading, cooking….more time for the slower paced things in life.

Ty has a book report due next week. In efforts to help him catch the flame for reading, we often trade off chapters and work through a book together. This has required me to settle in for hours throughout the week with him…something I mostly am glad to do, but the challenge is for me to sit still that long. I find if I put a project in my hands though, it’s no problem at all.


Here is a cute embroidery pattern from, which I can no longer find on her blog, but if you make the trip over there, you are bound to find something adorable to inspire you.  Embroidering is something I am learning as I go.  This little help from Sew Mama Sew has been exactly that.  I’m a fan of the backstitch.

Fall Embroidery

I’m excited to have finished this one for my niece whose middle name is Autumn.  I’m either going to frame it or make a pillow of it.  Her face was redone three times, but other than that these stitches represent a relaxed evening or two in.

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