peace of my mind

peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27


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I can hardly believe three months have passed since last I posted.  Yet three months of quiet on the blog are indicative of some robust living in real time.  Since last I wrote we have welcomed our 7th child into our family.  He was born on a calm and cold day in December and we are enjoying this good gift from God. Since his homecoming, I have slowed our outside pace to a near crawl to receive him properly and adjust to all that another chick in the nest entails.


As life gradually resumes, I find myself doing random head counts to account for those who come in and out of these doors; frequently followed by me commenting to myself, “Woa, are these all mine?”  and then feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of being responsible for the well-being of 7 humans.

Little Hands

It’s all an adjustment…this season of newborn days.  I’m trying to remember that it will end all too soon and then I will wish it back.  Helps me embrace the chaos a little more.


Home Cafe

Here’s a few more picts of happenings around here the past few months.


Old costumes downsized for the girls.


Two of our future men.

Always wanted to try socks

Finally, an attempt at the thing I’ve wanted to knit most….socks! So far so good.


How is she 2 already!!! Such a sweetheart going through some radical emotional changes, but I have faith she will surface just fine.


Little army man insisting I catch him in his glasses

Father Son Cake Bake

Father Son Cake Bake…a collaborative effort. 1 dad + 3 sons + 3 cakes = Blinky, Pac-Man and Pellets

Dealing with disappointment

So proud of how he handled defeat. It was almost better than watching him win last year.


His last pinewood derby.


Helpful big to trusting little

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