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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

Loose Ends

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I’m still hanging in here working at consistency and completion and nutritive living. It’s hard to keep using my time for the better all day long. I confess wanting little, mindless rewards and quick bites of “other” places because they take me away from the workload and pressures at hand. They distract me from the real people right before me. So as I work at it, I find indeed, it will not be changed in an instant but will require persistence and God’s grace.

Here is one little project I’ve been putting off too long– a gift for a friend’s new daughter and new home. I finished them early this week and actually mailed them today! along with a letter.  That feels good.


This week my focus seems to be on catching up on friendships that have been left to simmer too long. I don’t want my neglect to help them grow cold.

Zoe smock

This pattern is a reversible, happy smocket from Mayfly.  I love little girls in this with a pair of jeans or black leggins and a white t-shirt underneath. It has 3 adjustable sizes in the straps so it grows with them.  Britta wore her’s about a year which is pretty remarkable for a rapidly growing child.  The pictures aren’t great because I took them with my phone.

Grocery bag holder

This charm square grocery bag holder is a fun sew.  With 4 of them going out the door to great friends, I’m hoping to get one done for my own pantry soon.

And now I truly am on my way to call my old, college roommate.  Loose ends, ya know.

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