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Holiday Sewing

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I don’t think I got to bed much before 1 am a single night in Dec. My basement crafting corner was turned into an a sweatshop and cyclone all in one. Now that the aftermath has been sorted and put back together again, here are a few photos of what came from it all.

This free, online pattern for a drop waist dress fits an American Girl Doll.  Both the pink calico and Christmas dresses were from that pattern and the apple nightgown is modified from it.  There is a little corduroys skirt and head cover and a tiny apron.

AG Doll Clothes

I modified Noodlehead’s cargo messenger bag to make a diaper bag for all these goodies and then Grandma added some special catalog outfits too.   It was a favorite gift for a certain 7 year old.

DSCF6079 Diaper Bag for Mia

For our little purple girl who cannot seem to have enough shoes or purses, was–from Noodlehead again, the gathered clutch. I didn’t get it quite right and though I have made another once since, I think the third time will prove to be the charm.  It’s a tad difficult to follow at points and I credit my late night brain drain for not cutting the mustard.  This really would be the perfect pattern for a mother’s day gift.  It’s cute!  But my botched one works just fine for a soon-to-be three year old.


My daughters seem to have a bag thing starting…just like their mother.  More bags to come tomorrow.

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