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Purple to Solve the World’s Problems

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This little purple princess is 100% girl. She’s three now. Exactly one year has passed since her traumatic, emotional two year old phase took us all by storm. She has surfaced fairly well, still it is clear she will be very different from her level-headed big sister.
Her joy is pure and infectious, she is cheerful and sweet. Her name means “strong woman”, and by God’s grace I pray she will become a strong and godly woman rather than a “head-strong woman” because she is a tad bit, shall we say, bossy? She will not be overlooked. In a house filled with older brothers and sisters, she throws her weight around and none of us are quite sure how she does it.

She believes purple will fix all things ill in the world. Is your watch broken? We’ll just get you a new purple one. You don’t like your vegetables? You will like some purple ones! Looking for something to wear? Purple anything will change do the trick.

She loves shoes and dancing. And once she starts, she does not break character. She’s quite a performer…at least, in our living room. She’s happy to play anything with anyone as long as she can be the mom.

The one thing she wanted-verbatim-was “a purple Dora cake”. After a playdate with her best cousin friend, Tata and Papa, no nap, dinner and a movie with our family, she was plum tuckered out. But we still had purple Dora cake and presents at the end of it all, and she bounced to. Honestly it was the box of princess shoes that did the rousing. What a girl won’t do for a new pair of shoes.

Happy 3rd year, sweetheart!

Purple dora

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