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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

A Click and a Prayer

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Ever done something stupid that makes you sick to your stomach when you think about it? I have. Sadly it’s far from a first for me. Certainly it won’t be a last. But it will be one that will stick with me for a long time.

Over the summer we went to the Henry Ford museum with Kevin’s family for a day trip. I scurried out the door without my camera thinking I would find it when I got home. We drove home in a steady downpour which camped over our region for the rest of the night.

The next morning, one of the kids called from the back yard “Mom….” They didn’t have to say another word, I suddenly knew where I left my camera! …on a lawn chair…in the backyard…in the pouring rain.

After 3 months of drying out in a fitful and temperamental fashion, it did begin working. Like the little mouse in Flowers for Algernon, my diluted Nikon CoolPix took better pictures in that one week than it had taken in months. I got our church groundbreaking on file during that time which I’m very glad for. It felt like an old glove in a familiar hand. But alas, all too soon it would die a permanent death.

Quite a dramatic story for a camera, no? Still, I am sick and sad about it. Not grand on the scheme of life, but it matters to me.
I sent it back to the manufacturer only to find it will cost half of the original amount to replace the camera in order to get it fixed. I can’t justify that kind of money to fix a stupid mistake. So in the mean time I use my phone with thanks (it has better resolution than my point and click camera).
I did just enter Simple Mom’s Rebel giveaway and said several prayers. I happen to know women from our church who have won no less than one car and a one week vacation for a family of 12. It could definitely happen!

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