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Yes! to humble pie

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3:31 days of Yes!

Since our children were little we taught them to say they were sorry. The question to follow was–and still is, “will you forgive me?”  The other party is then to say “Yes”. Some might say it is heavy handed and forced to make your children apologize and ask forgiveness.  But I disagree.  I think it trains their hearts and minds while they are young to be in the habit of confessing and repenting.  It trains their tongues to be humbled and to seek forgiveness.  And the other party must forgive. Just as we who are forgiven much by Christ, must also forgive others.

This week with our tween/teenagers, I was struggling to speak without being a resounding gong and a clanging symbol.  I could hardly stand the tone of my own voice, so I knew the shrillness was bothering them.  Though rooted in care and concern, my warnings were coming out like sharp daggers.

In sharing this with a friend, she challenged me to disarm the battle and re-circle the wagons.  She was on to something.  And I was reminded that I too need to ask forgiveness when I am in the wrong. So not unlike what I expect of them, I too had to say, “I’m sorry…will you please forgive me?”

Being real with these teens (with discernment) has it’s own rewards. They stopped dead in their tracks that afternoon and heard every word I said. As if to say, Mom it’s nice for us to see that you know you aren’t perfect. We’re all slugging through the muck some days. We can get a little on us at points. It’s then, that rather than go deeper in, I need to call it out as my sin and wash in the blood of Christ and then seek forgiveness from those I have hurt.

This Yes! does a world of good to keeping our hearts tender to each other and to Him.

31 days of Yes! is me dedicating to post each day for the month of October (which is a Yes! in itself) and to find one meaningful Yes! in each day.  Over 1200 bloggers are participating thanks to the lovely Nesting Place.

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