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peace I leave you; my peace I give you… Jn.14:27

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August Skies

August skies

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language
where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.

Psalm 19:1-4

Morning by morning I sit in my rocking chair.  The same 3 houses and the same 6 trees stand unchanged across the street.  But through the frame of the spindles, every day looks and feels different.  Just as is true in our lives so go the skies.  Morning by morning, new mercies are seen.  Pink bursts of a rising sun some days, rain and peals of  lightning on others.  Gray and cloudy or crystal clear, His hand paints the canvas as He sees fit.  Though the place is the same day after day, it always feels different.  The skies lift my mind to heaven.  They testify to the glory of God. They proclaim the work of His hands and pour forth wisdom. Morning or night–nowhere is beyond the reach of the skies and their voice goes out into all the earth–giving Him his due praise!


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An agreement between two mamas

Spring has finally come to us after what seemed the rainiest March and April we’ve ever experienced.  Through the drear we pushed onto glorious sun and sprouted veggies and finches and robins and morning doves. And even 90 degree heat this week.

I dream of someday living on a little farm.  With chickens and a cow and a garden that can sprawl.  I’d love a porch swing and a swimming hole, with fruit trees, grape vines, and raspberries.  We’re not now looking, and I’m very content with the home God has blessed us with.

Besides when it gets right down to it, I know that I’m a little faint-hearted when it comes to critters and creatures.  I’m timid even handling our guinea pigs.  Still when we move onto wilder critters such as toads and mice, raccoons and foxes….Yuck!! and Squeal!!  I’m pretty sure that’s part of the farm-life package on this fallen earth.  On top of that, I can’t expect my kids will do all the chicken corralling and cow-milking while their own mother stands squeamishly in the background.  That kinda seems like a “lead by example” kind of thing!  At any rate, I would hope I could adapt and buck-up should we ever find such a plot of land.  This spring I was encouraged that I gained a little in that area.

My favorite place in this whole house is my front porch, early in the morning.  I love watching the fresh-risen sun with my hot cup of coffee back-dropped by the sound of birds and the sweet, heavy waft of flowers.  It’s where I like to sneak away and be still with the Lord.

This is my special little place, my enclave of quiet.  Yet to my dismay someone, or something else, has discovered this too…a mama robin! For the past two springs now the same bird has made roost in my honeysuckle tree.  Me being the squeamish one that I am, and her being a fierce mama not about to let anyone come near her babies, I could not even bring myself to sit out there last year for fear of being dive-bombed.  As soon as her babies left the nest I had Kevin take it down.  I put a yellow Nerf football there to let her know there would be no more nest-building that year and that I was taking my turf back.

This spring after all the rain cleared, I was anxious to get on my porch, only to find that faithful mama had returned.  For some reason I had a bit more courage this year.  She seemed a tad more friendly.  Afterall I’m a mama too.  I understand protecting the nest and guarding your young.  I’d never touch her babies.  The kids enjoyed watching their amazing transformation from day to day.  So as I ventured onto the porch one morning, she was away gathering breakfast.  She returned and perched on the railing a mere two feet from my face as I sat perfectly still.  When she suddenly a caught glimpse of me, her squawking and darting began.  She peered over the roof at me as if to say, “are you STILL there?”  Those were MY thoughts exactly!  I sat there a bit longer, then finally left so she could feed her babies in peace.

She had two more babes still in the nest that morning.  They had flown by the weekend. Once they did, I boldly dislodge the remains of their home and set it as a trophy on the front of the tree.  It’s a beautiful nest–well built, and strong.  It’s there for her to know that the deal in the future will be one spring hatching and then she is evicted.  The rest of the summer, the porch is mine.  That seems reasonable to me.  And by her lack of squawking and dive-bombing, I’ll take it to mean she can live with it too.


Answered Prayers

God is good to answer the big and small prayers of His children. I was reminded of this over the past week as two very specific prayers–one big and one small–were answered. We’ve prayed for months that God would provide someone who could help ease the CPA work Kevin is often inundated with. Indeed that is his profession, but when you need to grow and run the business, the actual business can keep you from managing the workload. It’s a bit daunting to list an opening…who knows what you’ll get. But after much prayer, God sent a person who is qualified and off to a good start. We trust this will continue to prove the right decision and if it isn’t, that God will reveal that quickly.


In the small category, my parents bequeathed us their piano 4 years ago now. I have wanted to provide the kids lessons many times over, but finding an affordable, eager teacher willing to come to our home has proven difficult. I committed to pray that God would provide someone who would meet these qualifications and anticipated when and how that would come about. Just this week, I’ve seen those prayers realized. God sent a Senior in our area who is planning to major in music at a nearby university next year. She was looking for lesson work, but didn’t know where to start. She prefers to come to our home, is very affordable and seems like a great first teacher for our children.

Our older two boys are starting now and hopefully the others will follow. There is a possibility she may want to keep us on even as she attends university next year and beyond. We’ll see. But for now I am rejoicing in a God who is intimately acquainted with all that we need and desire. It’s not that we get everything we ask for, but it’s often that we don’t have because we don’t ask (James 4:2). I am renewed in that truth this week and have been encouraged to remain on my knees interceding for the both the big and the small.

Balloon Row

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Putting Up

From our garden boxes, originally uploaded by kedsrus.

The one thing I asked for both Mother’s day and my birthday this year was garden boxes. My husband did put in two 8×2 raised boxes, and much like they say about tatoos, I think I’d like some more.

It was a great learning year and I made notes for next summer, but I want to be able to “put up” (to borrow a term from previous generations) more than what these little boxes afforded us. They graciously fed us green beans and cherry tomatoes all summer. We’ve had red cabbage slaw and hot peppers in soup and salsa. But I would like to do a whole lot more beans as well as dedicate a whole box to vertical plants so I can put those Ball canning jars my Aunt Cynthia gave me to use.

Either way, this was one afternoon’s yield. The kids loved giving me progress reports and would pick what they found–ready or not at times. We had 3 little pumpkins. Two rotted on the vine as it got a blight, but this one made it’s way into muffins.

It was the summer of jam around here this year: strawberry, black raspberry, currant, concord grape–all sitting on our shelves waiting for winter. We were gifted much and also did our share of picking. The kids were eager helpers in picking…mostly because of the all-you-can-eat fruit factor, I’m sure.

And that brings us to the fall…routines, rhythms, and reason all in full swing. I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of this labor during the bleak months when I may need a reason to put a smile on my face. The memories we made ought to help do the trick.

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Zooing It

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

I try very hard to be on the kids field trips.  I hold great memories of sharing the zoo, the planetarium, plays and farms with my children.  On this beautiful May day, I got to accompany Amelia to the zoo.


We stuck with her teacher whom she adores and her dear friend and neighbor from across the street.  It was a super day to spend with my girl.


This mama monkey and baby were an intriguing sight.  She was visibly tired of her baby hanging on her and was being less than kind to him; pushing him aside and trying to move out of reach.  It was heartbreaking and a sad , personified picture of what a mom’s selfishness can look like.  I add it here to help me remember to be patient and abounding in love, even when I might not feel like it.  Just never know how and where God might give you a teachable moment…even through a monkey at the zoo!

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I had the honor of chaperoning my Gabe on his first grade field trip to our local botanical garden.  What a day to go to a garden…it was beautiful.


DSCN1423Loved everything about it, riding the bus, interacting with his classmates, watching him in his daily environment, feeling honored to be his mom.


Pretty jazzed to get some nice picts too.


But when I got home, boy, was I tired!  How do those teachers do it!  Happy Times!


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M&M yum

Today was filled with color. The morning, by God’s grace, was spent at a brunch with women I admire and love. The evening was spent in fellowship at our Pathway’s Christmas party. Both events were filled with lots of laughter and good moods. Not an ordinary day where people are in varied states of mind.

Colorful Day

Instead the mundane things were set aside and the heart was made glad.  These colors made me smile today too.

Christmas colorsM&M yum

Last night we had a talented Scout dad set up his keyboard in our living room for our den meeting.  He played beautifully.  As I looked around the room, I noticed our house was filled with smiling faces.  It was wonderful.  Music makes the heart glad.

Little Miss Christmas

Luke and Gabe recently told me they don’t see me smile enough.  I have to admit that it made me pause to realize how often my brow is  furrowed and concerted throughout the day as I tick things off my list.  It’s not that I am upset usually, but it’s just not my natural disposition in the midst of busy days to smile.

Maybe I should be more intent on following the lead of these little dimples. Whatever the case, there was no need to work at it today. It was just a day of smiles. Thank you Lord!